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Un Momento
Break Out!
From the seams that kept you inside
It's time to show these people your kind of pride
Tear down these walls cause' you don't need them
Take a hammer to these windows cause' you don't see them
What's this life for if not for the freedom
To make your own choices to live "Carpe Diem"
Be who you are and never fear to shout
Drum into their minds till they have no doubts
You are the best you can be and they're here to witness
Were napalm! (Blast them!) It aint none of their business!
Tired of the chains girls? Go ahead just ditch em'! (Explicit: Just fucking ditch em')
You don't need this dungeon to hold your potential
They're just jealous cause' you're exponential
Clench your fists ladies get ready for a fight
Your about to have the times of your lives
Trash this world till it's upside down
Make their lives hell and they'll come around
Sway your bodies to your own darn rhythm
Make your feet dance till you can't keep up with em'
You are a comet, burn your way through the sky
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Do you dare to try, and find the light?
Of that which hides in the dark of night?
Out of mind and out of sight, in the shade lurks our fright
Can you bear the weight of the weary?
When their burdens become so dreary
Close to heart and close to teary, in the soul intent is bleary
As to bring down the load of the world
Upon their shoulders, our time unfurls
Deep within our minds are curled, when did this life become so whirled?
The woven threads of Life unravel
While running our shoes fill with gravel
Our ears echo with the sound of this gavel, inside our souls continue to grovel
These are the rugged pieces of trial
Deep in soft flesh, the wounds are hostile
It's been quite awhile since they've felt this worthwhile
Do you dare to break all of your chains?
When on our thick skins lay claret stains
Broken bones, bruising pains, we struggle to live this life in vain
The strength to overcome is deep within
But it's up to us when we begin
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A Battle Best Left Un-fought
My fingers tremble as I write, words appearing at my touch
Little ideas form in lines-- They are a military bunch
Well organized and clever, their strategy is vast
And so they assemble across the page ready to attack
Metaphors and Rhymes are beat across war drums
A steady warning of the battle that has yet to come
Sweat breaks across my brow, my eye twitching with contempt
Fidgeting I squirm praying for patience
"Charge!" a CAPS letter yells its cry wrinkling the page
Words clash left and right in their 2 dimensional cage
Some mixing with the others, deserting their intent
Quite a few switched to numbers when the battle got too intense
Inky smudges cover the injured their wounds seeping through the paper
Others disappeared under dark scribbles of anger
The edges rip and tear, some letters heading for the corners
A pink eraser came and ate them, its droppings left all over
Now the war is coming to an end, the amount of words decreased
With either side having achieved neither Victory nor
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On a Normal Day...
Mirror, Mirror what do you have to say?
I question myself just like this every single day.
I wake up, brush my teeth, run my fingers through my hair
Then I stare at my reflection wondering why I even care
I look myself over, checking for any flaws
Lo and behold!
I seem to find them all!
I dress myself carefully hoping I look alright
Maybe no one will notice or try to pick a fight
I gather all my homework that was crumpled in my sheets
I shove them in my book bag  unsure that its complete
I walk into the kitchen to prepare some toast
Its all that I have time for before I have to go
Rushing out the door I watch Dad drive away
I power walk to school but I always wind up late
I make up some excuses so my teacher won't be mad
But she writes a note and says she'll call my Dad
I sit down at my desk but I trip over a chair
Reddened face, I listen as my peers taunt and cheer
I try to focus on my notes
But someone calls my name
Its my own personal trainer…hes a bully by trade
He m
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A Story
There you sit day after day watching people pass you by
Crumpled paper bag in hand wrapped around a bottle of cheap wine
Your so much younger than you seem the dirt playing tricks on peoples eyes
But even if they knew your story would they take the time
To hear about where you've been and how you've grown
To listen to the details of where it all went wrong.
Some would feel pity, others digust…
And many would say nothing as they don't care about people like us.
But you don't have to say a thing, your story is already there
The worn clothes tell of trouble the bottle in you hand tells of strife
The grime and sweat you wear in layers tells of loss and time
You shift your body and lay down upon the bench
Its getting darker now and people are becoming scarce
Sounds of laughter fills your ears and you see a happy couple walk by
You remember when not long ago you felt just like that guy
Happily immersed in life's simplest pleasures
During that time you were blinded to life's truest treas
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Caught Up
Is it possible to bring back all that we once knew?
Or is it impossible to hold onto the memories, of people because were really not supposed to?
Looking in the mirror I watch as lines form across my face and where once skin was smooth wrinkles have taken place.
My skin grows lank and sags my hair long and gray.
And when I look closer I don't remember that persons face.
I wonder if I knew them from school, or just happened by them on the street or perhaps we were childhood friends, or did we just meet?
I reach out my hand to offer a greeting and when we touch the cold of glass reminds me…
I was just day dreaming.
In my mind my younger self is replaced once more.
The image in the mirror now looks sour and sore.
So this is who I am?
Reality comes back to me and my younger self is replaced by this older entity
I touch my cheek and cringe thinking how its feels like paper
I touch my hair and cry remembering when I was younger.
I remember who I once was before time caught up with me.
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Poetical, Prose, Art, and Photos....are all claimed by mwah...aka Amanda M. Bolt.


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All I ever asked for, was to love. A single prayer with so much meaning. Looking back I wonder if I should have been more specific. Not necessarily according to physical feature. I should have asked to know them by sight  or "If its really them Lord let the lights flicker three times." Or perhaps I should have asked for the typical kiss that supposedly is so awesome in its power it pops blood vessels. However I sdon't think people will much like me going around and kissing them. So how do you know its them? You don't.
Which is why I should have been more specific. So here I am amidst a metaphoric ocean looking at fish. I make fishy faces at them, opening my mouth wide hoping that maybe they would understand what I am saying. Bubbles. Not exactly what I was trying to say...So what now? Hmm so many fish but only one is the "Right" one (for some reason this brings Thomas Edison to mind)


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
"In a controversy the instant we feel anger we have already ceased striving for the truth, and have begun striving for ourselves."

Current Residence: Cuboard Under The Stairs
Favourite genre of music: Cabare
Favourite photographer: Myself
Favourite style of art: Abstract
Shell of choice: Oyster
Skin of choice: The One I'm In
Favourite cartoon character: Merlin and Belle (Disney)
Personal Quote: "Don't STOMP on your own Shadow."


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